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5 B.O.M.B’s to Stop Sleeping On

In a world of skin lightening creams and luxury cosmetic lines that consider it couture to exclude tones darker than NC15 the need for companies to understand the desire for makeup for people of color is obvious. The implications of such luxury lines then become: POC don’t wear/can’t afford to/aren’t the right look to wear my makeup. This, in case you don’t know, is bullshit. While pale skinned customers obviously exists, it is irresponsible to singularly focus on them alone. Not only does this limit the market, it also limits what is understood to be beautiful. Unfortunately many major drugstore, high-end, and luxury brands still fail to see the error of their ways. It’s hard to wait for companies with these skewed ideals to change. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. These 5 Black Owned Makeup Brands see the market for diverse customers, and they see the need for representation of numerous skin tones and types.

1.) Shea Moisture

First in my list is Shea Moisture, a beauty line prepared to meet all your needs. With cosmetic, skin, and hair products Shea Moisture is very conscious of the division that currently exists within the segregated beauty market, and they are taking it head on. SM is organic, cruelty free, sustainable, and 10% of SheaMoisture Community Commerce sales is donated to the Sofi Tucker Foundation. Started in part by Liberian US immigrant Richelieu Dennis, SM is a vibrantly beautiful black owned makeup brand.

2.) Beauty Bakerie

If you are looking to stay hella cute through the apocalypse that will be 2017 look no further than Beauty Bakerie. Owned by mother and breast cancer survivor Cashmere Nicole BB has made a name for itself with a budge-proof, smudge-proof, life-proof liquid to matte lipstick formula. You may recognize Nicole from a feature on Beyonce’s website during breast cancer awareness month. The BB Lip Whip colors are stunning, as are the rest of the delectable treats in the Bakerie. Bonus: BB is a cruelty-free brand, sporting the adorable peta Beauty Without Bunnies logo! Pro-tip: If for any reason you do decide to remove your delicious lippie, BB’s wipes are the best way to do it! While this may seem like an added expense, you really cannot beat the longevity of BB Lip Whips, so think of how little you have to reapply! Yay saving product!

3.) Coloured Raine 


Another brand famous for their lipstick formula, Coloured Raine’s eyeshadows have been increasing in popularity, with NikkieTutorials including it in a favorites video in November. The brand also sells lashes and vegan nail polishes! Owner Loraine Roberts Dowdy developed the line with the intention of focusing specifically on the diversity and individuality of makeup. This is why CR prides themselves on their vibrant color range. The brand is also cruelty-free, a nonnegotiable for many beauty shoppers.

4.) A.J. Crimson 

Crimson is a an iconic MUA making iconic MUA products. This means the products are optimized for efficiency and diversity, keeping in mind the many shortcomings of most beauty products such as fading, oxidizing, and limited range. Working with celebrity clients of every color, Crimson shows that B.O.M.B’s aren’t just for people of color. This is proven by his international success. This shatters the notion that these brands are somehow niche or limited in their market. Crimson brand strives to show that beauty is within all of us. Pro-tip: A.J. Crimson is not currently Leaping Bunny Certified, nor does the AJC site make claims of being cruelty free.

  5.) Pat McGrath Labs

Last but obviously not least is Pat McGrath Labs. McGrath’s stunning work as an MUA has created a legacy her brand definitely backs up. PML is statement making at it’s finest. Inspired by and inspiring bold, fearless expression McGrath carves out her place in the high end beauty industry. Her success shows how much it pays to expand the notion of beauty beyond safe limitations. Pro-tip: The PML website states that they do not test on animals unless required by law. This can mean your product is cruelty-free, but the brand as a whole cannot or does not claim to be.

These five brands show how a brands inclusivity doesn’t come at the loss of quality. The excuse that expanding a range will take away from the focus on quality is just that, an excuse! There are definitely more than five underrated BOMB’s out there, which your personal favorite to use? Sound off in the comments!


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